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Yes, that's right my friend (and you must be my friend, elsewise you probably wouldn't be bothering to look at my homepage), I've finally gotten off my duff and started work on the homepage my ISP lets me have for free. Expect it to be eternally under construction, and probably dull and boring to look at for a long, long time.

Of course, now that you can get to my page from Yahoo and SETI@home, I might just get a visitor or two who doesn't know who I am. For those among you, a brief synopsis is in order. I grew up in Oswego, New York and joined the Navy in 1985. After five years as an enlisted man serving as an Electronics Technician aboard the USS Harold E. Holt, I accepted a Navy ROTC scholarship to the University of Chicago. I graduated with a BA in Geography in 1994 and was commissioned as a Naval Intelligence Officer. I served with VA-75 and SEAL Team FOUR and then resigned my commission in January of 2000. In early 2000, I spent a few months hiking with my nephew on the Appalachian Trail (read my journal). I came back into the Navy Reserve in January 2001, and spent the first half of 2002 as a UN Military Observer in Western Sahara. I got married in November 2002 to Jess Selin, and we both changed our last name to Selin-Williams.

For those of you who are curious what I look like these days, you're just plain out of luck, until I put some new pictures up. The picture below was taken in 1996, after my first carrier trap, following a flight in an A-6E Intruder. The logo beside it is that of the squadron I was in at the time: the World Famous Sunday Punchers of Attack Squadron Seven Five, the last A-6E Intruder squadron. Pictures of me during 2000 have a beard and somewhat longer hair. More recent pictures have a new hair style and no mustache, or a beard & mustache if it's been a while since my last drill weekend.

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